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Thank's for your interest in Emily Anne Gish Photography.

This business really is a dream that has not truly lived to it's full potential, until now.

I've been pursuing full-time elementary education for the last 5 years of my life.  It's an area that brings so much color and joy to my life.  The mission is REAL in the schools people. 


For 5 years, I've felt the Lord's whisper calling me to the schools, but in February of 2023, I heard a different whisper.  An invitation to take steps into transforming this photography business into the Lord's work.  And so, here I am, taking confident steps towards working with amazing people, providing them with a gallery full of images displaying Jesus' ultimate love for them.

Whether you fall in love with a photo gallery for the story-telling, the smiles, the memories, the art or even to feel beautiful, I'm ready to meet whatever your heart is longing to see.  You deserve to be doted on.


Let me be your hype woman.


The mission of this business is to CREATE like the CREATOR.  Let's make art.  I'm inviting you to collaborate with me, because guess what, your passions are not random.  If you've ever found yourself lost without a "hobby", or found yourself "passionless", let me tear that lie down now.  To "create" doesn't mean painting or taking pictures.  To create means working within the passions you were born with, whether that's riding a motorcycle, journaling, playing soccer... you name it, it's your passion!  Let's collaborate passions!

The other mission of this business is to provide you photos that share God's heart for you, as if you were looking at yourself through His eyes.  An image, completely un-withholding of YOU.


I am your biggest cheerleader, whatever the day looks like.  Whether that's on your big day, standing at the alter with the one you love, celebrating the final push till graduation, enjoying some quality family time, or simply capturing a moment in time, I WANT TO BE THERE FOR ALL OF IT!

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