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What Happens When You Get CREATIVE With Your Photographer?

Have you ever seen photos on Pinterest that feel "other worldly" or like "only influencers can get this look"?

Let's take a pause. The fact that you're attracted to a certain look reveals a creativity in you that NEED's to be fostered and fed.

Olivia won my Fall Giveaway and decided she wanted a "styled session" (a type of creative outlet session I offer that involves creating an artistic framework and communicating/preparing for the session before hand). I had her develop a board on Pinterest and send me a link to it. I would call the style she wanted cinematic, whimsical, warm/soft toned, and very folklore.

She communicated the props she wanted her and her sister to interact with, and thus began our adventure of creating the ideal session for Olivia and Hannah.

Styled Sessions are perhaps my FAVORITE thing I offer. It's an opportunity to pursue a deeper level of creativity, not to mention, it's so fun to see your heart reflected in the looks you're passionate about getting.

Want those photos worthy of 10k saves on Pinterest? Then let's make it happen!

What do you need to be prepared for in hiring me for a styled session?

  • A willingness to "Get The Shot"... Be confident! We're not just here to get good photos, but we're here to have fun and share a likeminded joy for creativity. It might mean feeling a bit silly posing in the middle of a field, or running towards nothing in particular, but HEY, art.

  • Preparation... Do yourself a favor and come with some photo examples of what you want. Whether they're photos from an actual photoshoot you were inspired by, or you're pulling still shots from a movie you love, or aesthetics from another ERA. You were created with unique interests and passions, that means you're inspired by things in creation, colors, clothes, styles, movies, filters, settings, nature... Figure out your unique inspiration, and bring it to the table so we can create a framework for the look we're going for in our shoot.

  • Props & Setting... This comes with the preparation portion, but consider the props you'd like to interact with during the session so it's not only you posing, just yourself. The setting will also play an important role in capturing the "look" you want. Do you want a more cinematic take on your session, like standing in a tall grass field with the wind at your back, how about something romantic, like walking the shore with the ocean lapping at your feet, maybe the roof of a parking garage view hits your criteria. Your pick! I have lots of locations in my arsenal if you need help deciding.

  • Trust your Photographer... Nothing else needs to be said. Trust that your photographer WANTS to get the look you're dreaming of and will have done research of their own. If your photographer doesn't give you poses to work with and it's all on you, they're not doing their job. BUT, they need your flexibility, enthusiasm and TRUST to get the look you're hoping for. It can't be all on one or the other, it's a partnership, an artistic collaboration.

That being said,

What's the Styled Session of your dreams?

- Emily

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